Born in Bonn, Germany, when the city was Western German capital, Jerry Delay moved to Cologne in the mid 1990s. He was always interested in music and began DJing. Since 1998 he works regularly as a DJ in Cologne, Berlin, Münster, Koblenz and other german cities.
2003 he moved to Berlin and produced his very own album under the name "Gollum Smith" called STEREOTONY, released through Total Wipes, Italy, in 2006. As Gollum Smith he also worked on several remixes for Paul James or Vision X which were released officially. In 2008 he formed the band "Mind$trom" together with keyboardist Chamblz and singer Carrie S from the UK. They composed some songs, but after half a year the band split up.

In 2010 Jerry moved back to Cologne, but he didn't give up his music.
Together with the musician and producer Alexander Schmitz Jr. he established Two Steps Productions with an own studio. Since 2013 they worked on several productions and remixes. They also produced Jerry Delays forthcoming album "Popcorn Muncher" with several songs Jerry Delay wrote with Alexander and Mind$trom.

In April 2015 Jerry Delay decided to establish his own label called "darumeshi records".

His album "Popcorn Muncher" was released on November 6th 2015