Artist Lod-G (spoken Lód-Gee) was born and raised in Munich. Since he was eight years old he played drum set. He taught himself playing keyboard and so he became interested in creating electronic music. Four years ago he created together with his best friend and guitarist Nick Stadler a pop/rock band. Together with singer Claire Kelly the band was later called „Unique“.

Lod-G always wanted to be musician and create and write songs. He chose Tropical House as his genre, which gives him the chance to combine the (heart-)beat of a drummer and the melodies of nowadays music. His goal is to reach and excite the listeners.

He found his way to darumeshi records through his cousin who made videos for the label. So Lod-G created two remixes for the songs „To Realize“by Jerry Delay and „Sell You Down The River“ by Project M. His remix of „To Realize“ was so unique that Jerry Delay decided to name the mix „To Realize 2.0“ as a kind of continuation to the original track.
Lod-G works in a small studio in Munich. Two EPs have been released so far "Horizon EP" and "Love EP" are still available in online stores. It is planned to release his album "Colorful" in early 2017.

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