Music is expression, music is experience.

These two things are found within the sound of Promis, a rich blend of Old World and nu-school aesthetics that are alluring and irresistible.

Promis, born José Promis, is a Chilean native before coming to Los Angeles at a young age. His exposure to classic European music and (then) contemporary pop styles irreversibly impacted the young man, whose passion for music initially moved him into the field of music commentary. Working for credible establishments in the first half of the last decade such as All Music Guide and Billboard, Promis’ transition from writer-turned-artist echoed others who had done the same: Neil Tennant (of the Pet Shop Boys) and Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley (of Saint Etienne).

Before his break from the corporate world officially in 2008 to pursue music full-time, Promis had already unleashed his debut ("Promis", 2006) and sophomore ("Promis 2", 2007) sets. Incorporating elements pulled from diverse inspirations such as Edith Piaf and Madonna, Promis’ first two recordings secured him as a live favorite in the local Los Angeles club and cabaret circuit.

An enthralling live act, Promis has performed at prominent locations such as Hotel Café, The M Bar, The Other Side, Vitello’s, Bordello, Wig Out and Akbar to name just a few. The latter club featured Promis in a headlining capacity of a weekly piano show from the summer of 2012 to 2015.

Promis explored world and electronic textures further with his third and fourth long players "Promis III" and "Life Is Grand!" (co-created with Turkish-born New Yorker Ayhan Sahin), both released in 2008.

Promis’ irreverent vocal combined with a canny, emotional, yet sensual lyrical appeal steered Promis’ fifth album "Love Stories" (2011). Finally honed to perfection, Love Stories came on the heels of breaking into the independent international markets of Greece, Germany, Belgium, Chile and France.

Promis’ sixth offering," Vertigo Heights", featured him as one half of a duo with British producer Ian Matthews who had helmed past projects for Promis.

Promis' seventh album "Indiscretions" (2013) found him revisiting many of the genres present in previous projects, from cabaret to electronica to pop. Promis' eighth set, "Sunset Blvd" (2015), was also the second official "Promis & Matthews" collection. This one differed from previous projects as those seem to take the listener to distant lands and times, while Sunset Blvd is his Los Angeles album, with songs and themes particular to this city of dreams.

The summer of 2015 found Promis leaving Los Angeles for most of the year in Europe. He played several nights a week with famed Berlin artist Juwelia Soraya at Galerie St St in Neukölln, and spent two months playing originals and European covers at Character Bar and Restaurant in Santorini, Greece.

In September 2015 Promis signed to darumeshi records to release a "Best of Promis" in spring 2016, a collection of 30 songs that were written and performed by Promis from 2007 to 2012.

A product of the romantic past of European pop and post-modern American vibes, Promis is brand of music that delivers enlivened authenticity and eccentric charm.

Quentin Harrison, 2013, update by Jose Promis & Jerry Delay, 2015.

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