About us:

darumeshi records Ltd. was founded by Dirk Lankow in 2015. The main reason was to establish a label that guarantees musicians an uncomplicated and fair release and sale of their products. So the label has a strong commercial, but also an equally artistic approach!

darumeshi records, as an independent label, does not focus on only one music style only. It offers pop, dance, EDM, electronica, cabaret, acoustic music, art- and progressive pop etc. By January 2016 darumeshi records has signed four great artists/bands: Jerry Delay (pop, industrial, house), Project M (dance, pop, acoustic, epic pop), Promis (pop, cabaret, piano pop, world music), Lod-G (tropical house, electronica).

With this artist rooster the label reaches an incredible diversity of music styles and unique artists. The label also set up a great pool of remixers. For more information click here: Artists

What does darumeshi mean?

Simply, it’s an artificial word coming from Japanese. The Japanese people did not have an own word for the dog breed „dalmatian“. So they took the english word. As Japanese characters can only translate some of the Indo-Germanic syllables and they do not even know the syllable -l-, the word dalmatian became „da-ru-me-shi-a-n“. Through a typing or listening error Dirk took the word „darumeshi“.