Astley’s Heirs

Astley’s Heirs

American | British / New York City


They are some of the main protagonists of nowadays’ Italian synth pop music of the 1980s. Astley’s Heirs want to sound authentically like they truly make music from that time, especially for people who raised and lived then. Their real names are particularly unknown, but they name themselves Bruce Wayne and Alfred Pennyworth. All we know is that Bruce was born and raised in New York and Alfred is from Liverpool, known as the city the Beatles came from. Both met in Berlin in 2017 and decided to make electronic pop music, which ought to sound like from the eighties and early nineties. They released the singles “Chrystal Nights” in summer 2019 and “Time Machine” in December, followed by an extra Christmas song, which they offered for free on Darumeshi Records and SoundMeshi Club.



Agency Darumeshi Records Ltd.

Phone We call you if we see the Batman sign in heaven.