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This international electronic music collective was founded by E-Vibez, Jerry Delay (both Germany) and A.Voltage (Austria) in 2018. Together they decided to establish a project for tunes which would not fit into their own music projects and sound differently and experimental. Thus, Goethestrasse87 does not follow any musical concept, but it is and will be still electronic dance music. The first two singles „A Bloody Salsa For Mary“ and „Paso Triple were dance floor smashers, whilst their new single „Mr. Right“ will be rather relaxed and has a typical tropical house sound. In September 2019 E-Vibez sadly quit the collective and Sascha Bo aka. Felix LeStraight (Germany / Switzerland) joined the crew, and Goethestrasse87’s goals went more commercial and also DJ booking for clubs and festivals was added. Goethestrasse87 can be booked through this page. 



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