German / Aurich


GreenScully was born in 1994 and grew up in a small town in East Frisia. In his early ages he was already a music enthusiast. Someday he started producing remixes of his favorite songs. Over the years, new programs, music genres and experiences were added to his equipment. What started with hanging out on friends’ birthdays and some homemade mixes has become more than just a hobby for him to date. At numerous celebrations, weddings and other occasions, he entertained the guests with his music and gained further experience. Privately, GreenScully is a total hardstyle fan – that’s why his YouTube Channel “TagTeam TV” focuses on this genre. He is also enthusiastic about other kinds of music, enjoying to try new things. So it may happen that he produces a hardstyle mix, which is accompanied by a saxophone, a classical piano or voice messages of his friends, which appear as vocals. He also likes to combine other genres, whether electro, goa or even hip hop or rap. GreenScully is signed to Darumeshi Records for a couple of years now, and he has also released 2 EPs and is involved in various productions as a remixer.



Agency Darumeshi Records Ltd.