German / Wahlstedt


Mikosch2K is a German music producer. His music styles include Pop, House and HandsUp. He began to produce remixes and bootlegs at the age of 13, discovering his passion as a music producer.

His first release in 2013 was “It’s Like A Paradise”, immediately afterwards followed by the hit single “You And Me”. But his greatest success was released in 2018: “Alone” made it onto the German Techno Base FM Compilation! Mikosch’s tracks were remixed by BaseTo & DJ Voggi, Flixxcore, Damien Walshe and others. In early 2018 the EP “Eternity” was released.

In 2018 Mikosch2k joined Darumeshi Records. His first release there was the new single “Be Okay” with a Raindropz! Remix. In August 2019 the single “Without Your Love” containing rather bonus tracks than remixes.  The single “Next ToYou 2k19” – a remix of a previously released song from the “Eternity” EP – followed in November 2019. 



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