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– A Manifest –

Times are changing and the music market gets more and more fragmented. Artists cannot sell their music anymore like during the 1980s or 1990, except they are sponsored by major labels with a huge amount of money in their back. Those majors are also in control of the sales, their platforms and streaming portals. At least they are also responsible for certain rules those platforms established. Collected commandments that come from at least one major online music company, followed by other major online music sellers.

It seems by following those rather unofficial „laws“ distributors, music labels, managements, publishers or musicians shall be led to a certain style of their products presented on music platforms. Major music selling platforms strongly look after others like labels or publishers follow those rules. If they do not, the products get abandoned and will not be part of those major shops. Indeed that is seen as a threat, not to be listed there – if you break the guidelines or rather „the law“ you are out and your product is not listed! No explanation and no help. And so you get to think: „Oh my God. I cannot make the money I supposed to when my music is not listed there! People will not listen to my music!“

So you follow the rules and have instead discussions with artists and graphic designers.

We have followed those law like rules quite a while now. And at least we and our distributors got frustrated with it. Fed up. On the one hand it seems good that certain terms or words or phrases are not accepted anymore. But it is not okay to force an artist to change his name, because the music shop thinks it’s too „generic“. Or forcing graphic designers and probably painters to change cover arts again, because there are capital letters on the cover which are not stated in the meta data (i.e. product information) of the release. Single music tracks are limited to 10 minutes. Even David Bowie had problems when he wanted to release the single „Blackstar“, which was too long for one of the major music platforms. So he had to edit the great music piece and release it then.

THIS behaviour is truly an encroachment of artistic freedom which shall not be tolerated anymore by musicians, artists, labels, publishers and distributors! Musicians and designers, painters and sculptors, and all of the administrating people at labels and distributional companies shall be led back to ART again. As simple as it is.This is where it all began for us all – music and art are supposed to walk hand in hand, together – with love. Online music shops kill art (and music development).

So, we have decided to establish our own online music shop without strong law like rules. We are free to write on our covers what we want in our style. We want to give art and good music a home again.


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